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I am a junior in the Special Education Collaborative program at Southern Connecticut State University. In the very little free time that I have I enjoy reading and spending time with family.

Catherine Pelley

#WalkMyWorld #LE10

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I’ve been waiting to complete until more people posted . I got so busy these last few weeks of classes, but I finally had some time to look through the feed at everyone’s posts. I have chosen to compare my story to Erinn Coady’s. I have never met Erinn, but I have been able to get to know her through her blog posts in this class. has taught me that family is very important to Erinn and me. We both realize that if it weren’t for our families our lives would be very different. We owe all that we are today to them. I also learned that Erinn is a very positive person. She chose a vase of flowers to represent the shape of her life which I thought was very symbolic. The flowers in a vase are constantly changing for newer more vibrant flowers as are the aspects of our lives. If something isn’t going the way that we want it is okay because soon enough something better is going to come along in its place. Finally, I learned Erinn and I are both uncomfortable about silence. I love noises because having too much silence makes me anxious. Erinn questioned why she hates silence so much in .  Although I have never met Erinn, participating in the events has helped me realize just how much we have in common. I’m sure eventually our paths will cross at SCSU, but until then, keep up the positive attitude! 


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