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Catherine Pelley

Realistic Fiction Writing Response

2 min read

According to the article Shut My Mouth Wide Open: Realistic Fiction and Social Action written by Cynthia A. Tyson, does she feel that fairy tales should be taught throughout the curriculum? Why or why not?

Tyson feels that using fairytales throughout the curriculum may have a negative impact on the academic success of certain students long term. She believes this because some students have a hard time engaging themselves in outdated fairy tales. Because of this, she believes that using contemporary fairy tales with students is a better alternative because it gives more students an opportunity to connect with readings and gain the literacy skills that they will need later on.

In the article Depictions and Gaps: Portrayal of U.S. Poverty in Realistic Fiction Children's Picture Books why is it that some areas in the books reflect the reality in the United States, but areas such as poverty are misrepresented? Provide examples and support your thoughts


This article explains that the misrepresentation of poverty is caused by a “lack of consensus among scholarly research regarding the representations of people living in poverty.” I find this to be extremely insulting that researchers are not taking the time to get accurate data about things that are going to be represented in their books. Poverty effects people of all nationalities and throughout all places in this country. Books about poverty should not just have minority characters who live in an urban setting. Students should be reading stories that teach them the truth about the world, not the stereotypes within it.