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Catherine Pelley

Picture Book Module Reading Response

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According to the article “Teaching with Picture Books Throughout the Curriculum,” picture books can be used in various subjects. This is because picture books include illustrations that can be analyzed using art history. Students can discuss how the illustrator used different types of techniques that famous artists have used. This can help students apply concepts that they have learned during history and art classes to literature lessons. The pictures in these types of stories also require students to use interpretation skills to help them figure out what the author is trying to portray. In addition to what the illustrations in picture books teach students, the words in these books also help to educate students about different subjects. Picture books can be about music, history, science, art, math, or any other subject. The way that these subjects are incorporated into a story can be very informative for students. As Sharp explains, a book about music can help students learn about the types of people in an orchestra, as well as the different positions within an orchestra. Picture books can help teachers explain the complex ideas of other subjects in a fun and friendly way that students understand.