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Catherine Pelley

Performance Task for Picture Book Module

2 min read

The Frog Prince Continued has always been my favorite picture book because it contains interactive illustractions, a strong lesson, and it puts a fun twist on a well-known fairytale. The pictures in this story are very detailed and help to explain exactly what is going on on each page. I love that the roses on the second page are dead to symbolize the unhappiness of the couple. The prince is also trying to catch a fly that is part of the print on the wallpaper on this page which i have always found to be pretty funny. The illustrator adds funny little things into alot of the pictures in this book which help to add even more character to the story. I also like that although the story is meant to be funny, it also teaches readers a lesson about not taking what you have for granted. The princess seems to be unhappy with the prince in the beginning of the story, but once the two spend some time apart they realize that they love each other very much and want to be together. This is an important lesson for students to learn because sometimes when you are around someone all of the time it is easy to get frustrated with them over little things, but the important thing to keep in mind is how sad you would be if this person was not in your life anymore. This would be a great book to read to students after reading the actual story of the Frog Prince to them because this story provides an explanation about what happens to the prince and princess after the happily ever after at the end of the first story. 

Here is my reading of The Frog Prince Continued: