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Catherine Pelley

Module 5 Annotations and response

2 min read

For module 5 I chose to annotate Professor McVerry's Supporting Phonics Instruction with Children's Literature and Writing article along with Phyllis Trachtenburg's Using Children's Literature to Enhance Phonics Instruction article. I loved the tool that Professor Mcverry wrote about and think it would be a great way to incorporate fun and creativity into writing. I thought that this tool had a lot of components that would help students to tell their stories the way that they picture them in their minds. Wriitng is so much more than just words on paper and this tool really seems to understand that. I also really enjoyed Trachtenburg's article on using children's literature to enhance phonics instruction because it explained just how important it is to teach students how to read along side teaching them to love reading. Phonic instruction is a difficult concept to teach because it has many different aspects. Teachers should use whole-to-part progression to help teach phonic skills so that students aren't being taught too much at once. A great way to do this is to use fables or short children's books. Teachers can focus on one skill at a time, but use the same book for each skill that is taught. This will show students that every skill is necessary in order to understand a book. 


I can't wait to read what everyone else thought of the readings. Feel free to comment any thoughts you have about my response! 


Here is the link to my annotations: