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Catherine Pelley

An attempt at writing my own fable...

3 min read

Here's a shot at writing my own fable:

There once lived an elephant and a dog. The elephant was the biggest and bravest animal in town, while the dog was seen as the weakest and most naïve. Every day the elephant would tease the dog with a tennis ball to show all the other animals how easily a dog can be amused. The elephant would then throw the ball for the dog to fetch, and then leave with all the other animals by the time the dog brought the ball back to continue playing. This made the dog sad because he never had any real friends. He wondered if the elephant was right, “Am I the weakest and most naïve animal of the bunch?”

A few weeks later the elephant gave birth to a cute and tiny baby elephant. All the animals gathered around to see the newest member of their animal family…even the dog. All the animals laughed at the dog for showing up and told him to just go play with his ball. The dog slowly walked away sad that he couldn’t enjoy the new baby elephant with everyone else. Suddenly he heard a big commotion coming from behind him. He ran back to the crowd to find out that the baby elephant was stuck in a burrow that his mother was too big to get him out of. None of the other animals could fit inside the hole to help get the baby elephant out, but the dog was just the right size. He ran to the baby elephant’s rescue before anyone could stop him. While inside the burrow he used his tennis ball to coax the baby elephant out without scaring him. Everyone cheered when the baby elephant came out and was reunited with his mother. The elephant thanked the dog and told him that he is not weak after all. He is brave and his tennis ball is not stupid, it is powerful. From that day on all of the animals treated the dog with kindness and respect. Never again was an animal picked on because they were different from the others.



The moral of this story is to never judge someone based on their appearance or hobbies. Everyone is an important part of this world in their own way, and one day we may need this person’s help with something that we cannot do.